1. Every Spanish speaking country speaks Castillian Spanish. What everyone normally calls Spanish is Castillian Spanish. There are small variations in remote regions in Latin America, where Spanish has been mixed with the local Indian dialect, but otherwise about 98% of the people who speak Spanish, speak Castillian Spanish. The only country where there are several different Spanish dialects is Spain. The official language of Spain is Castillian Spanish, but just like most other European countries, each region has its own dialect. The two most well known dialects of Spain are Catalán and Galician (Gallego), but there are several others.

    Now, as to the Castillian Spanish spoken in most of Spain, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, there are different intonations and different slang words (as there are in British English, American English, Australian English, Caribbean English, etc.) but the base language is the same. When you hear someone from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela or Argentina, they will all be speaking the same language but with different accents and a few different slang words and expressions.


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