If Spaniards are white, how come they speak Mexican?

Spaniards look like Italians…why do they think they are white?

Italy + Spain = Mexico

By the way, our flag is the original one!! Mexico first became a country in 1828 and Italy was not yet a country till 1861.


  1. They don’t speak Mexican, they speak Spanish. Mexicans speak Spanish too…Well sort of.

    Mexico became a nation state but Spain was a culture long before that and an Empire. The Hapsburgs ruled all of spain, The Netherlands, Italy, most of South America and a lot of other places.

    The reason they think they are white is that they are Caucasian which is commonly referred to as white. The Caucasian race covers territory from Portugal all the way to India and north to the Artic Circle and South all through North Africa. Some Caucasians are darker than others.

  2. They speak spanish not mexican. There is no such thing as speaking mexican. And those racist pigs are white. Please educated your self and stop embarrassing latinos.

  3. Mexico was an indian territory conquered by conqistidors. Mexico is a spanish colony, ergo they speak SPANISH. The colony became a country before italy because of its early revolution.

    Gothic Panther with White Koffee!
  4. first off, it’s Mexicans who speak Spanish. Learn your history, originally, the inhabitants of mexico were Aztecs (they resemble Indians) then the Spaniards conquered them and ruled Mexico, so their culture was taught to the Mexicans.

    Also Spaniards and Italians are called white because they have Germanic and Anglo Saxon origins and they’re from Europe. They are Caucasians.

    Italy only became Italy officially, because only the Roman empire was recognized before it was Italy, but it had existed with civilization and great power.

  5. Mexican isn’t a language, it’s a nationality and heritage. I think you’re confusing Mexican with Spanish.

    Spaniards are white, the reason they’re tanned is because of the location to Africa, especially Southern Spaniards.

  6. Mexican as a language would have to be the Aztec language. That’s where the word "Mexico" came from. See below. Spaniards speak Spanish and most of them are white. Italians vary a lot depending on what part of Italy they’re from.

    Eric Aloha

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