If you are a Latino/Hispanic, but not Mexican or Xicano:Would you like Spanish to become official 2nd Language

yes/not and why?


  1. Absolutely NOT!
    Having a common language is a big part of why our country has become great and stayed great.
    When you start splitting groups out & using different languages, you’re going to see a fast decline.
    If people don’t want to learn English, they need to stay or go back where they came from.

    Richard W
  2. oh hell yeah! HELL YEAAAAAH!!!!!

    actually i dont really care that much. i dont think itd hurt anyone. theres lots of countries that got more than one official language n they seem fine.

    Dee Why Boy34
  3. No, I don’t think we should have Spanish become a second official language here in the US. It would just complicate things. Other cultures have immigrated to the US and have had to learn English and assimilate and have done so just fine, so I don’t see what the problem is.

    And you were asking the opinion of non-Mexican Latino/Hispanics – not all of us speak Spanish or have cultures that are traditionally Spanish speaking. There are other languages that are spoken by Hispanic cultures.

    Lisa Faye Chardonnay
  4. Well, in Miami they voted on it, and even though Miami is majority Hispanic, they voted to keep English as the official language, as I understand it.

  5. Official or not – it already is pretty common – it seems like everyone is speaking Spanish!! So I think that’s cool enough! No need to make it "official" just let anyone talk whatever other language they want! Everyone that comes to this country knows that they have to learn English no matter what. It’s not easy but they still try! Nobody wants to take the USA’s main language out – it’s just reality…there are a lot of Hispanics in this country LEGAL and ILLEGAL and the Spanish language is going to exist in the US no matter what anyone says! I have noticed a lot of Americans that think just because someone is speaking another language they don’t understand or speak the English language – that’s just plain ignorant! It is so cool to know another language – it’s cool to be able to communicate with people of other countries but many are just stubborn and don’t want to learn new things. Anyways, again – wether official or not – I will still be speaking both, whenever I please! I doubt that they will make it official but seriously I don’t care!

  6. LOL When all Latin countries accept English as their official second language then sure. Problem is I think pigs will fly before that happens. Good luck.


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