if you want to learn your mexican history couldnt you google it?

the link has a guy holding up a sign of mexican american history.did he do drugs and forget when he was born and he needs to be reminded?https://www.theblaze.com/



  1. They know nothing of their history
    They don’t know that they just shoot us or took us back to Mexico as slave labour google Santa Anna and the black beans
    They don’t know that they stole half of southern Mexico from Guatemala
    They don’t know when France,Spain and the British invaded them we told them all it was an act of war against the U S
    They don’t know the president of Mexico hide out along with the state treasury in El Paso Texas until Maximilian was shoot

  2. I learned about the history of Irish-Americans in school. And German-Americans. And Chinese-Americans. African-American history was, of course, a major topic.

    Lenny The Strawman
  3. If only citizens born of citizens would respond in kind to these thugs. And I don’t mean by holding up signs. These kids don’t want to learn anything. They just want special privileges for their race/nationality. They want to segregate and exclude our people. They want to cost us money that could be spent on better things. We should encourage them in every way possible to learn their Mexican history in Mexico.


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