i'm american, my husband is mexican, we live in mexico. i speak spanish but feel alone & rejected. advice?

mexican women seem to really judge "gringas" and they don’t smile a lot or try to introduce themselves. i try to be nice and friendly, but i feel like they just don’t want to know me, and i feel like they are really unfriendly to me. they also ask a lot of very judgemental questions like "i know you don’t know how to cook, but can you buy some cookies for the school bake sale?" or "i am really surprised that you won’t let your daughter date. i thought that all americans were very easy with sex"

what can i do to help people get to know me and accept me?


  1. When they say those things you should snap back. How do they know you can’t cook? Ask them if they slept with an american? How do they know americans are easy with sex? Tell them to stop assuming things about you and get to know you. Not snapping in a nasty way but question their beliefs about americans and get them to think. You could try asking them why they think these things about you. They may feel ashamed for acting that way when they get to know you.

    ebe b

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