I'm an american I only speak english and want to learn mexican spanish. Is it hard to learn it?

I always wonder if it’s hard to learn mexican spanish because people told me it is hard and other people said it is easy. I look it up before and the results say spanish is easier than english but for an american who already knows english is it hard for them to learn spanish?


  1. If you ‘re an English speaker it’ll be a lot easier for you to learn Spanish, not only Spanish has only a few grammatical rules compared to any other languages. Most of its words are often similar to a lot of English words.

    Kyle Johnson
  2. starting you should stop calling it ‘mexican spanish’ because it might be offensive to a person you want to learn from even if it is funny to many other people.
    i will say it is difficult learning any new language but maybe some are easier than others. I learn some spanish by being around some spanish speaking people for years who also speak english and asking them what some things mean but there is alot of spanish that i still don’t know and i’ll probably never learn it all.
    just talk to other people take classes maybe buy a book on learning spanish go to the library check out books maybe audio tapes or cds are available also…

  3. It depends. Have you had any contact with languages that came form Latin before? If you did not, it’ll probably be hard. English is considered a "easy" language by people who originally talked Spanish. Spanish has many more verbs, names and spellings. But, if you’re a fast learner, you may get it fast. Good luck!

    Maybe You Can Answer Me
  4. Mexican Spanish is no different than any other spanish. but in south america its normally called castellano. in mexico we have different slang and accents in chihuahua its smooth and waterlike while the districto federal they have chilango wich is quite annoying to some mexicans. its equivilant to u.s. seattle accent to the southern. anyway mexican spanish is the same, except we use some extra words that the common spanish dosnt use but thats just it. if you wanna learn "mexican" spanish go to mexico for a semester and pick it up. but if you just wanna learn spanish then take a class at school. either way youre still learning spanish.

  5. I think it’s not completely about the language but the ability the person has for languages. You should not have an "it will be hard mentality" to start with or it will be for real 🙂

    I think Spanish is easier than other languages because we don’t have as many, complicated rules as other languages. Also, we pronounce the vowels as they are in the abc’s. The sound will usually remain as it is without changing and that makes things much easier.

    Give it a try, what can you lose 🙂

  6. The Spanish structure is the same in all the countries where it is spoken, the only thing that changes is the accents and the regional expressions and slang. Start out by learning the Spanish structures and vocabulary and little by little start picking up the regional expressions and slang from Mexico.
    I suggest you start with conjugations.
    You can look for free lessons on line.
    These are a few sites that have some lessons that might be helpful to start with
    https://www.youtube.com/user/spanishinstructor for spanish conjugations
    https://www.porandpara.com for other Spanish topics

    I like grammar

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