I'm mexican, do you think I can learn how to speak and write in english?

Is it difficult? I like english language so much but I think it’s a bit hard to speak. Even more when I try to speak fast, so them my tongue is a mess.

You guys, what can I do to make richer my vocabulary, and what about this question? Did I make a mistake while I was typing it? Be polite. Greetings. If you identify a mistake please tell me.


  1. Of course you can!!! Your grammar is absolutely correct. If you want to improve you vocabulary I would recommend you watch movies in English. And for your speaking ability it would be nessesary to practice it with someone else or if you can afford it …you can travel to an english speaking country.

  2. no it’s easy
    i learned within a year but i’m not mexican or latin so your ability might be different
    it looks like your writing is good so you won’t have a problem

  3. Yes you can. There’s a website where it’s like an online collage course where you can learn any language that helps you in your native language.


    Just sign up, put your native language and what language you would like to learn, and complete the course, you’ll be speaking English in no time! It’s very easy and native speakers of both languages can help you along the way.

  4. I will tell you what helped me learn Spanish–do the reverse. Listen to English language radio and television. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the conversation just yet, in time you will get a rhythm, and you will begin to pick up more and more over time. Then practice using it with friends who also are learning. Your typing actually went very well. English is at its roots is a Germanic language, but it has Latin influences, however, not as much as Spanish. English is also difficult because it isn’t as phonetic as Spanish and we often use words which sound alike to mean different things. Words like: there, they’re and their. Our idiomatic phrases make non-English speakers highly frustrated as well. Phrases like: I have a frog in my throat.

    But keep trying, you will get there.


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