In love with a mexican girl.?

I need to tell this girl that i love her, but it’s got to be more specific than that… i want to say…

" I love you, forever and ever."

I know "i love you" has many different meanings, so, this is someone who i care deaply for and want to start a serious relationship with. We have been VERY close friends for a while now, and i’m leaving for school next week. Also, she is Mexican, so i want to tell her in spanish. She speaks fluent spanish, and i just so happened to have only taken french in highschool so i don’t know any spanish.

Can anyone help?
Also, i’m kinda worried about pronunciation…

E-mail or respond, either would be great.
I’m not really getting the answers i’m looking for, i guess i should elaborate… She told me she loved me, in english… and i want to do something special for her… Her mexican background is VERY important to her, so i figured it would be the perfect way.


  1. Te amo is very important and meaningful, u say that to someone who you really love with all ur heart, not to someone you like or you feel a crush…
    for that kind of person, that you’re starting to love, that u enjoy to be with her..u tell her Te quiero.

    Look I could help you to translate something You’d like to tell her in Spanish n i could teach u how to pronounce 😉

  2. I love you in Spanish is Te quiero. It is hard to tell you the pronunciation over the Internet. Below is the website that you can put in your English version and it will tell you the Spanish version.

    I think she will be flattered if you attempt to tell her in Spanish. Best wishes to you and the new relationship.

    Stephanie F
  3. For the purpose you want to use it, "te amo" would be better than "te quiero". If you want to say something more, try this:
    "Te amo y te amaré para toda mi vida" (I love you and i will love you for all my life)
    "Te amo con todo mi corazon, con toda mi alma" (I love you with all my heart and soul)
    If you need any other translation I’m at your complete disposal!


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