in school im required to take a 2nd language…do you think i should take mexican?

since there are so many mexicans in this country…my other choices are french, german and spanish


  1. Mexicans speak Spanish, so if you choose that, you could learn two languages at once!

    Sorry, just teasing you.

    But Mexicans do speak Spanish you know, just as in the USA you speak English, even though you are not in England.

    Well, in my view, Spanish would be a good choice for you.

    It’s not a hard langauge to learn.

    It is one of the most widely spoken languages, especially in your region.

    And as you say, there are lots of Spanish sperakers already in your country, so you will have lots of chances to practice.

    There would be Spanish language newspapers, TV and radio readily available there, which will make it easier for you to pick up the lingo!

    So go with Spanish!

    Risky B
  2. "my other choices are french, german and spanish"
    Ok first of all, Mexican??? No.
    It’s Spanish and I would go for it.
    It’s less confusing than french that’s for sure! Well IMO.
    And German is being used less and less plus it’s only used in a small area of the world so go with Spanish!
    Mexico, Spain, other places that talk it too =D go for it!

  3. um….. you said that your choices were, french, german, or spanish….I didn’t see mexican anywhere. did you mean to correct yourself and say "do you think i should take spanish"? or should you go back and retake english so you can learn to distinguish the differences between a culture and a language.

  4. Don’t be ignorant. It’s Spanish and many other than Mexicans speak it. I suggest you learn something you want to learn not just because there are many Spanish speaking Americans here. There are many ethnicity’s and cultures here. So just go for what you want.


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