Is it legal for illegal Mexicans to stand outside their homes drinking on the public street sitting where?

Is it legal for illegal Mexicans to stand outside their homes drinking on the public street sitting and standing around where their car is parked ? Playing their spanish music very loud and talking very loudly in Mexican language or press 2 talk ? They said I called police, something very bad would happen to me ? Is this a threat ?


  1. Nothing about this is legal. It is "illegal" for these criminals to be here in the first place, but try to get those you pay to keep this from happening to do something about it and you will likely be disappointed.

    The place to fix this kind of problem starts at the ballot box. Join those of us who are voting out of office every "representative" at every level of Government who refuses to take a Pro-American (that’s anti-illegal for those who prefer an "anti") position in their politics.

    It’s time to put things right and return to the rule of law.

  2. as long as they are not underage and it a area where drinking or being drunk openly isnt illegal then you cant do anything but make a noise complaint.

    they are no different than college kids partying. this is america. just cuz you dont like something doesnt mean you can stomp your little feet and people will stop doing it.

    Evelyn j
  3. 1. How do you KNOW they are illegal? Did you see passports?
    2. If it is legal or not to drink in public depends on the state where this happened.
    3 Playing spanish music is not illegal in any state of the US. See first amendment.
    4. Speaking spanish (it is not called Mexican language) is not illegal in any state of the US. Again see first amendment.
    5. Being loud MAY violate noise ordinances, again depending on where it happened and at what time of day.
    6. Being prompted for various languages on the phone is not illegal in any US state. Once again, first amendment.
    7. The statement "something very bad would happen" is a threat.

  4. Yes it is called public intoxication,and you can make a noise complaint.If they key your car that is vandalism..but i think you are a troll…so you already knew that.

    Jane Doe
  5. I think once the drinking reaches the street, it would then be considered public intoxication and it’s not legal to drink on public streets, this violates open container laws when it reaches public areas

  6. you should get out of that place and find a nice neighborhood and free from those stupid mexicans who are mostly lazy and alcoholic. they are mostly tugs and street toughies who like to hang out in the Street, no life lol.

  7. I can’t believe that they were standing outside their house pressing 2 to talk

    if they are illegal, report them to ICE
    if they are disturbing the peace, call the cops

  8. Any illegal present in the U.S. is a threat. Yes it is a direct threat to you! This is their culture and they believe we are suppose to put up with them. I would call the police. But I have the protection I need in my house for such threats. Another way they drive down property cost.

    Kize says Deport em all

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