Is it racist if someone who is Hispanic but not Mexican calls mexicans chuntis?

This guy I know who is salvadorian called me a chunti because I play soccer and I’m Mexican. He says he doesn’t like Mexican soccer players because they are chuntis and he also said that some mexicans are bitches. Does this sound racist? After I pointed it out to him he got all mad and said that he was talking about "some" mexicans.


  1. It seems like he was only talking about some mexicans not all, but if it bothers you, than you should say it up forward to him and clear…..if it doesn’t work and he says it again then you should just leave him…..Im Salvadorian and my sister had this mexican boy friend that also said things like that about Salvadorians, and he used to tease her a lot about our accent and our customs…she told him to stop yet he didn’t….so she ended up leaving him…he cried and said sorry but she had already made up her mind….he was very nice though and not a bad person at all, but his comment did bother my sister a lot….now she been dating a Salvadorian guy for like 6 years and she hasn’t had a problem like that with him of course…..but i think a both Salvadorians and Mexicans can be jerks sometimes….although im not going to lie to you…i don’t like soccer because i live in Los Angeles and we only watch basketball and baseball….but i do watch soccer to watch mexico lose….and i root for El Salvador and USA since those are my two countries….I usually go for Honduras too..and any country mexico has talked bad about like Venezuela…..but i have never been a jerk to mexicans or say something awful to them…unless they say something to me first….i know its against Salvadorian nature and as strange as it sounds, but i do like mexicans…and i do defend them if some one else offends them with out reason…. -_^ so yeah just be clear to him thats it….=P


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