is it weird for a Mexican to learn Castilian Spanish?

i feel kinda funny/weird faking an accent (lisp) but i do it quite well.. hmm my great grandad was spanish so it must be in tha blood??..


  1. No.

    It’s like an American putting on a British accent.

    There is no "lisp" in Peninsular Spanish. A lisp is a SPEECH IMPEDIMENT, not an accent.

    I was just thinking the trolling questions about that haven’t turned up for a while.

    Lisping is NOT in the blood. Nor is an accent.

    The CORRECT way to pronounce the Z and soft C in Spain is THETA. It is NOT a lisp.

    Do you call it a lisp when an American pronounces THE or THAT or THINK? Why do you think it’s a SPEECH IMPEDIMENT when people pronounce the letter as it is intended to be pronounced?


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