Is Seth Macfarlane a filipino and why does Family Guy always talk about the philippines and filipinos?

I wanted to know if Seth is filipino, mexican, chinese, or something. What is he? And I also noticed that the show "Family Guy" talks about filipinos alot of times. Like "He’s filipino" or "You came from manila, you ate (a filipino food that i forgot what it was), you had sex with 2 filipino girls and a filipino man" I mean, seriously!!! Always! Even on the Family Guy news!


  1. He really does not look like that ethnicity so you might be wrong…He is only 25% so its not that much. Maybe he just knows how to take a joke unlike some people. If you can’t laugh at yourself then you have no sense of humour.

  2. MacFarlane was born on October 26, 1973, in Kent, Connecticut. His mother, Ann Perry Sager, and father, Ronald Milfton MacFarlane, reside in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and are of English, Scottish, Welsh and at least 25% Filipino descent, partly by way of Canada. I suppose that means one of his grandparents was either born in the Philippines or his great-grand parents were.

  3. McFarlane is not Filipino, that info about him being 25 percent was added to his wikipedia page for a little while by a vandal and has since been removed.

    Seth obviously lives in LA and there are a lot of Filipinos here which is probably why he’s more likely to mention them, but he mentions every ethnic group in the show and takes a jab at them from time to time- that’s what makes the show funny.

    j a
  4. hindi nmn masyadong offensive yung mga jokes nya about pinoy, to think that he has a Filipino gene/blood in him makes me wanna think that the jokes that he talks about the show, were jokes by those pinoy relatives\neighbors. alam mu nmn tayu we love making jokes about our nad habits and even the good once during tagay sessions LOL!


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