is spanish a type of person ex. african american mexican white black etc. or a type of language? THANX :)?

ME AND MY MOM R "arguing" CAN U HELP ME 1st person 2 answer gets the best answer


  1. people from spain can be concidered spanish or hispanic.

    Spanish as you know is also a language that is spoken in Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Colombia and some parts of south america.

  2. It is either a person from Spain (a country in Europe), or it is the language that originated in Spain. Spanish explorers colonized most of the South America, Central America and even a lot of North America. Where their cultural influence has remained, the people in those places speak the Spanish language. Like Mexico for example. But that only means that people from Mexico speak Spanish, not that they are Spanish (they are Mexican). The only people who ARE Spanich are the people from Spain.

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  3. It’s a "proper" adjective. That means that’s a word the derives from a country name. In this case, Spain. "Proper" adjectives are usually describing ethnic groups, as in race, cultures, styles, things that originate from the word it derives from. It’s also a language. And to answer your question, both. Your mom and you are both right.

  4. Spanish is a person who comes from europe spain specifically and you can either call them spanish or spaniard so spanish would be the language spaniard would be the name and just for the record "latinos" are NOT spanish

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