is there any relation to mexican and italians?

well what i really want to know is that if your italian, are you kinda mexican?
since you know i guess they speak the same-ish language and all and is i guess connected? idk lol
but any ways are they like the same basically
and would u consider us mexican also?
im also black white and indian and i am reading these comments and some say that mexicans are a mix of indian and blacks so what would thatt make me including the italian?


  1. Italians are Italians (They are Latin Europeans such like French, Romanians, Spaniards) Meaning they speak a Latin language.

    Mexicans are (Spaniards and Native american mixture) Who also speak A latin European language (Spanish) which they were forced to learn by their Spaniard conquerors

    Oh and they are all very christian

    Cant stand anyone anymore
  2. LOL, um NO. They are two completley diffrent nationalities/ethnicities. Not alike.. except for maybe their flag colors and both are Catholics

  3. Mexican people are from Mexico. On the globe, Mexico is far, far away from Spain where italy is near. I don’t know much about history, but I don’t think they’re all.

  4. Both are largely Roman Catholic, both speak Latin derived languages, and share in a somewhat similar Latin culture (although, Native American culture plays a large role in Mexican culture).

    That’s about it, though. Italians are MUCH more similar to Spaniards.

  5. There were some Italians that immigrated to Mexico. Most Mexicans are a mix of White and American Indian, of course some can have black ancestry or be completely black.


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