Just what is really the point to all this talk about illegal mexicans??

I like most of the mexican people i have met. They are hard workers who only want to get ahead in life. I think we should welcome them with open arms. If i was in ther places i would hope i would have the courage to do what they are doing.


  1. The only thing that I have to say is this- EVERYONE should have a right to live where they want to live, EVERYONE should have the freedom that we Americans take for granted and if that means opening the borders than I am all for it, they want the same things we want a honest living a happy healthy family and the right to live in freedom. But unfortunately we live in a greedy world where people are going to do whatever they can, to stop this from happening, it is sad.

  2. If Mexicans or anyone come here illegally we should not allow them to stay because they sneaked over here and did not get caught. When the illegal Immigrants come over here, they flood our hospitals and schools, which raises the cost of maintaining them. They should obtain citizenship the legal way. We should not give them legal citizenship when they come into this country illegally.

  3. Because there are laws that are here that they have to follow. Noone is stating they are lazy or bad people, even though some are. There are citizens in this nation who are the lazy and bad also. The whole thing is, we cannot just allow everyone to come to this country, or this country will fall into ashes. We do not have the ability to take on so many people into the workforce at this time. If they keep coming in, the jobs will run out, then they will want either welfare, or turn to crime. We cannot chose which laws we want to obey. I like to speed, but the law says I can’t. I cannot simply say, "well I don’t agree with that law, so I don’t have to follow it." That is what you are saying by saying we should just grant these "illegals"(see, it even say what they are in the name) amnesty. The law is the law.

  4. First off, I cant wait till JD sees this post…. Second it is a big deal, some take to crime. And Ive had a few jobs working along side them, ya there are some "ok mexicans" but they will talk behinde your back, and ruin the econemy, for one they dont even pay taxes, but they receive everything for free, that we have to pay for!!! Medical, school, welfare. They are a drain on the american socity.

  5. I agree with some of what you side.But in the real word.Thy coast US citizen tax money that could be spent on other things.If thy where legal thy would be paying tax like the rest of us.

  6. There is no such thing as an illegal mexicans in Califorina. When the U.S. killed and stoled Califorina from Mexico the U.S. signed a peace treaty saying that ALL Mexicans can come in and out of their land when ever they want. The problem now is greed. White people like me and my for-father are selfesh and only think of our selves, nothing has changed in the U.S. it still cheats and back stabs anyone they want. I can Speak for Califorina laws on Mexicans and I say I would hire a Mexican before any nationality they work harder than anyone I ever met.

  7. I like Mexicans to. I have no problem with Mexicans and Hispanics and Latinos. I have a problem with illegal immigration. I have no problem with them wanting the American dream of a house, car, dog, and white picket fence. But if you are going to be in this country, do it legally. Do it the right way. Pay your fair share of taxes.

    If we open our borders as you speak of, our population would double in 10 years. The thing is that we don’t have the economic stability as a country to handle illegal immigration. That is why their is so much talk. They are draining country budgets and sending the government into a bigger financial chaos.

  8. What are you talking about? Being illegal is already bad enough. Which being illegal is against the law, and being against the law is a felony. Like drugs and bootleg and other illegal things. Its not that they dont work hard is just that they dont have the right or the right and opropriate papers to stay. But yeah i know some mexican that are cool.

  9. shorty5foot1-kcbridgeman77
    -I Wish More AMERICAN CITIZENS Understood The Issues As Well As YOU Do

    BEAR-RightOn,For Instance,

    XLNT Point Made_In_America

    Ill Keep This SHORT n SWEET
    If You Want More..Read My BLOG..Link At The Bottom

    BTW.. Its NOT About Mexican Folks

    ILLEGAL ALIENS in America are here only because they are GUILTY of CRIMINAL VIOLATION of our FEDERAL LAWS, Jumping our borders and living in a shadowy underground economy. They are morally culpable for shoving aside those who adhere to the law and enter these United States in orderly and Legal Fashion. Since when do criminals and cheaters receive pride of place for the blessings of liberty, over those honestly, earnestly and faithfully seeking to become American citizens?

    President Bush has called for a reasonable and civil debate over the issues of border security and immigration reform. But the American people understand there can be no responsible immigration reform UNTIL OUR BORDERS ARE SECURE. “Guest worker” amnesty programs ARE NOT a part of border security. Amnesty is not the answer. To grant amnesty to these trespassers is to say "You crossed our borders ILLEGALLY, You BROKE OUR LAWS and now we are REWARDING you with U.S. Citizenship — Congratulations!"

    This is unacceptable.

    To illustrate the absurdity of a "comprehensive" approach to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS , and the more radical of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT advocates who are proponents of an "open borders" policy. We don’t take a comprehensive, humane approach with drug dealers because they are breaking our laws and causing great damage to this country by poisoning our children. Similarly, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS violate our laws and Poison our system of Economics by TAKING JOBS from American Workers, Keeping WAGES ARTIFICIALLY LOW, and Sucking MILLIONS of Dollars of TAXPAYERS MONEY out of our Welfare and Medical Systems.
    Not To Mention The Fact That A Majority Of ILLEGAL ALIENS Live And Work In This Country And Then Send Their Money Back Home To Their Families (Whatever Nation Their Families Live In) Therefore DRAINING The Economy Even Further.
    When The US Dollar Leaves The US… Its GONE From The American Economy.

    J D
  10. I don’t know but it’s just a few racists that want us out. Most Americans know that we are good for the country. JD and Whiteballer that goes for both u guys. I know who u are!


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