Lost in Translation with a Mexican girl that speaks no english?

this mexican girl that speaks no english has worked at our family restaurant for a year until she quit recently in may. i speak some spanish but we mostly communicate through text message with translations from yahoo answers. a month after she quit i asked her to go out and we went out 3 times. i took her to the mall, bowling, aquarium. i kissed her on the third time we went out. a week later i took her to play tennis and we didnt go out for a month. we didn’t communicate very much either after we kissed either. then i asked her out to go shopping, bought her a few things because she is poor and after i dropped her off she kissed me, (she made the move) for about 30 seconds. i told her that i cared about her, she said thanks but i dont know what to do now. she is extremely pretty and has guys hitting on her non-stop. i am 24, she is 23 a good catholic girl. she is extremely nice. i dont know if she likes me or she kissed me because i bought her some clothes. what do ya’ll think?


  1. I am mexican i would know ok so heres your answer she likes you why else would she kiss you why else would she have gone out with you why else would she have acceted your kiss you should take this a step further and i know it will be better she defenitly likes you
    hopefully this helps
    good luck=]

  2. You are one stupi* fu** hello she worked at your restaurant (meaning she has worked for her shi*)maybe she does like you but oh no you think your so rich a poor Mexican girl only wants you for your money I hope she ignores your a**


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