Mexican failing spanish class?

I grew up speaking mexican spanish in my home. Spanish was mandatory starting in middle school. I thought "oh this will be easy" but when I got to class I was really confused. Senora Anderson used words such as"vosotros, coche(and other vocab.) etc" that I’ve never heard of. When my papi corrected my homework I half of it wrong.

I understand that she uses some words from spain and others from latin America. She also tells me that I’m being rude and disrespectful because I’m not using formal spanish when talking to an adult. But this was my godparent and we are close thus not using formal language. I get confused especially when she randomly decides to use spanish over mexican vocabulary.

Do other Mexicans who take spanish have this issue or is it just me? I’m really upset with my grade and how the teacher is always telling me I’m wrong when I’m trying my best.
I found out before the first week ended it wouldn’t be easy. I started trying as hard as I did in other classes. We don’t just speak slang and use poor grammar at home. There is times where I need to speak proper spanish. That is a common misconception. Not all mexicans are lazy and in ELL.

I’m not trying to complain. I’m asking for advice at getting a better grade in this class. After one failed assignment I learned not to ask my dad for help.


  1. If it is hard for you, just imagine how hard it is for those who have never spoken Spanish at all (or any other language besides English). Even if the vocabulary were the same, you would still have to learn the grammar, which presumably you were not taught at home. Your mistake was in thinking it would be an easy A and that you would not have to work. The purpose of the class is to learn academic Spanish, not just to coast through at the level you already were. If you apply yourself, you will do well and it will still be easier for you than for most of the class. And not many of them have a papi who can correct their homework at home. You are lucky! Just realize that instead of complaining.

  2. This is common for Mexicans . Many are accustomed to poor grammar and have little practice with the written language .

    First of all , we speak Mexican Spanish at home . The vocabulary isn’t that big of an issue . Your English grammar is flawed , so I imagine your Spanish grammar is the same .

    The word coche is also common in Mexico . We also use auto , mueble , carro , camioneta and automóvil .

  3. Your problem is rather common.

    Some Hispanic children speak Spanish at home, but have never learned Spanish formally. Oftentimes, it is not proper Spanish, there’s a lot of "Spanglish", Spanish slang, and rudimentary Spanish. As children get older, they speak less, and less Spanish. They have switched to English with friends, and at school. Their Spanish does not improve, it actually gets worse.

    These children, now teens, or even college students think that they can "ace" a Spanish class. To their amazement, they discover that a Spanish class is way more than "My name is…, and ¡hola!"

    An educated Mexican can sit with an educated Spaniard, and they will understand each other, proper grammar, and vocabulary are VERY important.

    So…buckle up, and welcome to the world of foreign languages.


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