Mexican men that date American woman – do you think you would ever marry one?

Mexican men that date American woman – do you think you would/could ever marry one even though their culture is different and they don’t speak your language but would be willing to learn or is it never the same as being with a Mexican girl?


  1. at my age 45, i wouldn’t becuase there’s no way to know if he has a wifey and 7 kids in mexico.

    why the thumbs down?

    here in texas, these guys come here to work and they have families at home. they send their money home. i would hire a mexican national private investigator to check the guy out. and if you don’t you’re stupid.

  2. ughhh i hate ppl who ask this shit!
    who gives a fuck about this????
    its only RACE..we are all HUMAN!!
    do ppl not understand that??
    my fiance is mexican and im white.

  3. It can be a little difficult to adjust to someone else’s customs and traditions because although many people might say it’s not a "big deal", adjustmentsmust be made. But if you’re in love and determined to adjust to each other then you shouldn’t see that as an obstacle.

  4. My husband is mexican and I’m american. I never have to talk to mymother inlaw because all she speaks in spanish! Lol.

    Kayce Jones♥#1 Due June 12th
  5. I think one of the couple will need to speak the others language otherwise how can they have a deep relationship if they cant understand each other.
    Other than that I don’t see any problem at all with any mixed race relationships.

  6. WEll Im mexican and currently dating a pretty white girl dont know if i will eventually marry her but right now all has been such a nice experience…yea have had to deal with the dad bad vibes against me but that dooesnt stop me haha so dont give up


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