Mexican power line workers, UHG!! What would you have done?

Today, a large pickup truck pulls up in my backyard and five Mexicans jump out of the truck with machetes and tank sprayers. I go outside and ask, “What’s up”. They just look at me, and one of them says something in Spanish.

Well there’s a Wisteria vine on my power pole, which I had planted a few years ago and an Elm tree nearby. This guy starts to whack on the vine with a machete, and another heads for my Elm tree and I yell at them. Then a sixth guy comes out of the drivers seat, says something and the whacking stops.

The driver walks over to me and he could barely speak any English. But he said he was working for the power company and he’s supposed to cut everything you know?

I said “ No, I don’t know, where’s your papers?” He says he doesn’t know. So’ I told him to get the hell off my property.

Later on, different truck pulls up and at least this Mexican can speak some decent English. He say’s, their supposed to trim the trees and brush along the power line. There are no markings on any of these vehicles and he doesn’t have any work orders either.

So, I tell him to shove off, he says I got to let him do it. I tell him call the cops, as he doesn’t have any work orders. Well, he left and it’s been 4 hours, no cops and no paper work.

Would you have done the same thing?
To those emailing me that I’m a racist. My current wife is part Algonquin Indian, the first wife was one quarter black (she died), and my son in law is Mexican. I have a foster brother that came from South Korea and my various in-laws are Mexican, African, and Iranian. So, you don’t know me, please, don’t make jackass assumptions, that I’m racist.

These guys had no ID’s and they were hacking plants that didn’t require trimming.


  1. I’ve had people from the power company come and do some trimming in my back yard. The power company sends out letters stating that they will be in the area to do the needed trimming and will also list the name of the company and approximate dates. The people that they send out are not unskilled mex*^%$s, but arborists that are trained on the proper way to trim trees.

    What you did was the right thing! Now you need to contact your power company and your local news station in regards to your story. Let others know about this!!!

  2. I totally agree with what you did. What is probably happening is that the power company has an easement in your yard in which they reserve the right to enter and work on the utilities. Usually utility companies don’t have a problem with landscaping unless it is totally blocking access to the power pole or is a threat (i.e. tree growing through the power lines).

    I would recommend that you call the utility company directly and see whats up. They may be able to come to a reasonable agreement (i.e. the wisteria can stay but it has to be kept within a certain size). You may want to call them right away, just to avoid the potential of some guys showing up when you aren’t home and doing the work anyway.

    Mandy B
  3. absolutely!!!!…and not just mexicans…anybody!
    you should have just called the cops the second time when they came back.

    If they don’t have something resonable to do, they can fu ck out

  4. Where I live, (Central Florida), the utility companies have the right to enter personal properties to take care of their utility infrastructures. In fact, I have about 3 feet of utility easement all around (at the outer perimeter of) my property. They come in and out as they please. Most of them knock first, but they are not required to do so.

    No, I wouldn’t have done the same as you. First of all, why would you allow your vine to climb the poles? Second, I would ask for their identifications and possibly contact the utility company for confirmation, but I would have acted much more civilly.

    Would I have asked to leave and come back with identification? Yes, I have an option to do so, if I have a reason to believe they are not what they say they are. Then again, I will simply ask them to leave. There is NO REASON to be abusive.


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