Mexican Rice/Tortillas (in popular chains) have animal fat?

I recently learned that Mexican rice is made with chicken broth and tortillas/chips are sometimes made with lard.

Can someone confirm whether the well-known chains such as Chipotle, Baja Fresh, and Taco Bell use chicken broth in their rice? I know Baja Fresh does not use lard but I wasn’t sure about the chicken broth.



  1. Chipolte has a website where you can see if everything they use is vegetarian or not. Their pinto beans have bacon, for example.

    Here’s Taco Bell’s ingredients: Their rice and beans are vegetarian, and their tortillas are too.

    I’ve never had a tortilla made with lard at any of the fast food Mexican restaurants. I have occasionally at some of the upscale Mexican restaurants locally and of course when I was in Mexico, but you can taste the difference. Tamales are usually made with lard, even the bean tamales.

  2. Swam

    Number one: those restaurants are not Mexican at all, that is NOT MEXICAN food, that is just american food with mexican style.

    To make Mexican rice you can make it with OR WITHOUT chicken broth, sometimes the vegetables are tha ones that add the good flavor to the rice.

    Nobody in Mexico (that I know) ever use lard to make chips, chips are just fried tortillas

  3. They most likely do for flavored (not white) rice, but the only way to be sure is to contact the chain and get their complete ingredient list. It may be available on their website.


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