Mexican slang translation?

ok. so a while back my friend and I were walking from her boyfreind’s house to my car. long story short, a very large mexican man started yelling at us in spanish. i only know a few slang terms, and i caught a few of the words. he used the word jota (pronounced ho-ta) i think thats how it should be spelled. any way… if someone could tell me what it means… it would be much appreciated.

p.s. im not shy or naiive, i know its bad, i just cant remember what it means.


  1. This word means homosexual, however it is not the exact term for this meaning in Mexican Spanish. I guess the correct word would be f*g. It can be used in the same sense that Americans use the word. It could be used as a derogatory term for homosexuals or those of the same gender belittling each other.
    Peace be upon you

    El Indio
  2. -jota- is the name of the letter-J-
    In Spanish they never pronounce an-H-
    -Jota-does not mean homosexual.
    Maybe the man said-idiota- [idiot]

    I like friends everywhere,esp.+D

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