Mexican spanish translation please… ¿Cuánto le vas a ir?

This is in the movie "amores perros." From the context of the situation I understand that he is asking "how much he is willing to put up" but if possible I would like a literal translation. Also, where does the "le" have a point in this?
Jlikesgoo – Your example is a not correct either, or shall I say it is not normative. Le should refer to an indirect object pronoun (objeto indirecto tercera persona). "El carro" from your example is not an indirect object, therefore you are personifying the car. Understand where I’m coming from?
Lo would be the correct object pronoun but then you wouldn’t need to put "el carro."


  1. Well ¿A quién le vas? in the context of sports means Who are you rooting for? (which team)

    By extenson, ¿A quién le vas a ir? would mean Who are you going to root for?

    So from context, ¿cuánto? implies betting, so "How much are you going to bet on them/him/her/it". In pat expressions, the pronoun is the pronoun is the pronoun and won’t necessarily change for singular/plural or gender. In the context of your movie, le might stand in for a singular person and without context, it could just as easily be a team or even some kind of "it", like a game of chance being it.

    A pat expression that this example brings to mind is "pasársela", or having a good time.
    Espero que te la pase bien. I hope you have a good time. But the la in the sentence doesn’t correlate to any particular feminine object…it’s just that that’s how it’s said.

    Mike in California
  2. How much are you betting ? "Le" meaning in this occasion means "going for". Like "tu le vas a poner gas al carro" you are going to put gas to the car…hope it helps good luck


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