My Uncle and Dad say to speak English to Mexicans from Mexico?

My Dad told me and my brothers to talk English to people from Mexico in Restaurants or stores, im a 21 year old Mexican-American in San Antonio Texas, My family says if they speak spanish to you , speak in English to them, they tell me this isnt a foreign country,


  1. I think your father is right. They should appreciate any help they can get in learning English if they live here. Then if all else fails you can repeat yourself in Spanish.

  2. Well when your Dad travels overseas I hope he only speaks French when in France, German when in Germany, Italian when in Italy etc etc etc … of course in reality, if your Dad ever bothered to leave America and travel the world, he’d probably be one of those loud ugly Americans who expect everyone to kowtow to him … !

  3. Generally speaking, you would not want to speak to somebody in a foreign language, if people are around who do not understand that language. That’s common courtesy and applies to all countries, languages, and people.

  4. If it makes life easier for both of you, speak Spanish. I fully believe that if you want to live here, you should learn English, and it doesn’t take that long if you’re willing to work. I know a man who has been here since just before Christmas who can speak enough English to effectively communicate – that’s only about four months.

    And, serenaz, many people don’t learn a language fully when visiting a country for a short time. However, when moving permanently(and hopefully legally!) a person generally learns the language spoken in that country; be it Japanese, French, or English.

  5. If your dad is a latino telling you to do that then it tells me his ancestors
    came to this country legally and that they weren’t here to rape and plunder
    this land. I’ve been to san antonio several times, and while there are alot of illegals
    and racist chicano’s towards white people like me there are alot of good real men
    like your dad who have civic pride. I’m sure he’s as up in arms as me about how
    the illegals will ruin everything this country ever stood for if we let them, and it has
    nothing to do with ethnicity.

  6. Sounds like your Dad is a proud American, well aware of the history of San Antonio and the heroic contributions to Texas and America that many of the Americans of Mexican decent have made there.

  7. Your Dad probably worked hard to learn English, or his parents did, and it’s likely he remembers their/his struggles to be here.

    I’m not sure of his motivation in telling you that, but I can tell you it’s common amongst all children of immigrants, not just Mexican Americans.

    Just don’t lose your bilingual ability. It’s part of your cultural heritage that you should be proud of.

    I wish my Grandparents had kept their language in use around the home and with family instead of insisting everyone only speak English in public. And I know I’m not alone in feeling that way.

  8. You go Dad and Uncle,that’s what we need is Americans speaking up and saying no more.We are an English speaking country.My grandmother spoke only German when she came here and guess what when she passed away she spoke English too.Ekes the big S A, right in the middle of little Mexico are you, oh well good luck.

    Princess Catherine
  9. Above poster is incorrect. It’s common courtesy to learn at least some of the language of the country you are visiting. It’s bad manners to go to a country and expect them to cater to you.

    You are correct. Speak English. This isn’t a foreign country. And while we do not have a national language (by law), it is common sense that our national language is English. If this is too difficult for people to grasp perhaps this is not the country for them.

  10. I agree. The problem is The U.S is not a bilingual state and is seen by Americans as too much change.. The more people speak in only English the better.. I speak English and French.. However, I speak the language everyone can here… When you are standing in an elevator and here people speaking in a foreign language… It just seems rude to me… If I was in Quebec I would speak French… If I was in the rest of Canada I would speak English… If I could fluently speak Spanish and I was in Mexico.. I would speak Spanish( My Spanish is very poor).

    done and done
  11. Not to be rude but there is nothing worse than a Mexican that refuses to speak Spanish to his people. Like yesterday I went to Lowes with my dad to get a grill and my dad speaks English perfectly so a guy comes up to us and says the usual if we need help (he said it in English) this guys name tag said JOSE and my dad tells him in Spanish and "Jose" says sorry i don’t speak Spanish. In my head i was like "What kind of a guy named Jose can’t speak Spanish" so i say speak spanish to them or they will think of you as a disgrace to your people.


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