Now that you're recently tanned do people try to speak Mexican to you?

I went on vacation a week ago and got a pretty good tan, and I was down by the border so people kept trying to talk Mexican to me. I don’t speak nor understand much of it, so I was very confused.

Well I look "Spanish" because I am "Spanish".

You people are weeeeird.


  1. That would be Spanish since Mexican is not a language. The funny thing is that Mexico City has a large population of whites (mostly of Spanish decent) that I have assumed were American and spoke English to them. I also get pretty tan but do speak Spanish so…


  2. YES! SOME WHO UNDERSTANDS!!! I’m a really tan Asian lol people are like NO your Mexican! I’m like what the heck? I turn into burn toast 15 minutes I’m outside with SPF 100 on. An i don’t lose my tan till after a year an a half lol.

    I don’t pay attention in Spanish…. so yeah, it was an awkward situation at my Mexican friend’s pool party.

  3. No, but I’m also 6’3", and there’s only like five spanish speaking guys in the world that tall, so everyone knows who they are.

    Wait, wait, did someone just suggest that the way a person looks affects what language they can speak?

  4. Lo siento, senorita, pero me "no speak English…"


    Well, if you ARE "Spanish", then is it any wonder that people near a place where "people of Spanish descent" are both dark AND speak a form of Spanish would assume that you are and do? 😉

    You are hot, so stop complaining! lol

  5. Can I get some salsa for my chips?

    I’d like to thank you for asking this question so that we could all get a language lesson today! What a bunch of tightazzez!

    BlueBelle Got Spanked
  6. I’m a pasty pale white devil and some people talk Mexican to me because my BF is Mexican so they assume that the injections are just the same as taking that Rosetta Stone course I guess.

    I do understand some Spanish though, but unfortunately it’s easier for me to understand reading it rather that hearing it, so when I’m around his family and they’re talking about how fat I am, I only catch the "mas gorda" part


    FooFoo Ang lasing kuneho
  7. thanks to Awesome Meg above, I just realized (me dio cuenta) what a complete and total diss "Tonto" was as a name on "The Lone Ranger."

    jafunmi82: Is it Hot in Here or is it Just me?

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