Okay, be 100% honest: have you ever met a Mexican immigrant who REFUSED to try and speak/learn English?

I can’t think of a single immigrant, illegal or legal, who refused to speak English. usually the illegals struggle, but they try.

I wish I could say the same of my own countrymen in regards to Spanish.

so be 100% honest: have you REALLY ever met an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, who refused to speak or learn English given the opportunity?
40 MILLION people in the USA speak Spanish as their primary language. that’s reason enough to learn.
I grew up in an agricultural area 30 minutes outside SF, I know ALOT of immigrants.


  1. I’ve met illegals who believe california will be returned to mexico through armed conflict and they refuse to learn english.

    believe it or not, there are a large number who think like this, these guys are not here to become citizens, they are here to milk us. I do not know what percent of illegals they make up, but they do exist.

  2. 6 million of them protested on Cinco de Mayo in 2006.

    (Why do Americans need to learn Spanish? Where’s the advantage?)

    Your numbers are wrong.

    According to the Census Bureau, only 13% of Americans have an hispanic background, and most of them speak English as a primary language.

    If you were to use facts instead of liberal fantasy land claims, you wouldn’t look so stupid.

    Liberal AssKicker
  3. Yes I can think of plenty that I have met. I worked construction and I worked alongside many who refused to learn english. Who cares they where hard workers, and the USA doesn’t even have an official language.

    The way I see it is no one has anything important to say as it is. At least I can easily ignore what people who speak spanish are saying.

    Hippie Jesus
  4. I lived in S. CA for over forty years and I can honestly (100%) tell you that I have NEVER met a Mexican immigrant who refused to speak/learn English.

    I like to practice my Spanish on them, and in return, let them practice their English with me.

    And I’ve never met one who didn’t want to work, either. Mexicans are the hardest-working group of people I’ve ever seen.

    Kindred Spirit
  5. Ralphy –
    Liar. You don’t even know an illegal.

    Michelle Mouthcυm –
    "Why would I feel obligated to learn Spanish if I live in an English speaking country??" You don’t live in an English speaking country, dumbass. Ever hear of Puerto Rico?

    Bad Αss
  6. yes, go to a farm, and we are in america its nice to be bilingual but maybe we could learn a language of a productive people, Chineese, german? and communicate in a language of world industry, and fix the ecenomy with taxbreaks and hard work. Get that GNP up .

  7. Yes sadly the first i knew were Cuban(i hate to trash em) but after working at a major hotel chain that will remain unnamed its pretty much a Latin wide thing

    Right wing Cuban
  8. No. I live an area that has had a high immigrant population since the beginning of this country, and there are many people who do not speak English, but when I am in stores and hear someone trying, I help them.

    English is a hard freakin’ language to learn and I hope that when German or Chinese becomes to world’s most popular language and these kind of people are stuck in the darkness of their closet of bigotry that they receive their divine comeuppance.

    Dana the Great: Orange for Rose
  9. No. But ‘refuse’ is such a strong word. I think it is more a reluctance or a lack of necessary initiative. We could discourage their reluctance to learn if we stopped enabling this reluctance by translating everything for them. Why learn if everything is in Spanish?

    As to your own countrymen, that’s not really fair. I think the situation would be a little different if they found themselves living in Spain or Mexico. There’s not much call for Spanish here in the states. I was fluent when I left college, but now remember more of my elementary and high school German than I do my college Spanish.

  10. Yes, I have. It is not nearly as rare as you would think it is, especially when you have lived in communities that have a large immigrant base. Also, I used to work at a cheap hotel which offered discounted rates towards long stays – very often we would get people who had valid drivers licenses that could barely speak English. They would usually have their kids translate for us.

    Oh noes, reality is conflicting with delusion.. thumb down fast before it sets in and destroys everything..

  11. Yes I have met Mexicans that don’t want to learn English. I worked in an apartment complex that was section 8 and half the tenants were from Mexico. Most would get pissed because I didn’t speak spanish and never tried to learn.

    We live in an english speaking country if I want to go live in Mexico I would need to learn spanish in order to become a citizen. We should be like that. Don’t f ing come hear if you don’t speak the language. Go back to your own country and trash it up.

    I am who i am
  12. Born and raised in LA for 61 years allowed me to know many immigrants from many countries. 60 to 40 years ago, Mexicans I knew and grew up with, spoke English just as well as I did. They had some kind of honor thing about speaking only English. They spoke that in their homes when only their family was there. In 1978, I employed people from many places around the world. Some of them took the time to learn and speak English well, but there were a large portion of them who refused to learn English and obviously only spoke it when they were at work and had to with English only speakers.
    At one place I needed another technician. I walked among a bunch of Koreans there who had canned answers. Those answers didn’t go anywhere when I asked them questions they didn’t expect. I insisted on have English speaking people working for me. As it was, I had 4 Koreans, one Russian, one Egyptian, two Hispanics, and a black who knew electronics well enough to get that job done. They all spoke English pretty well and they understood the need for that.

    This thing in Az about Mexicans, goes far far beyond Mexicans.

  13. no but I’ve met people from other former SPANISH colonies that did…

    on the 40 MILLION PEOPLE argument…



    that’s reason enough for EVERYONE to SPEAK ENGLISH

  14. Yes, I worked as a construction superintendent for over 20 years and most have one that speaks fairly well, but the others cannot speak any-this creates a problem, one day, one got hurt and had to be rushed to the hospital, I had 130 yards of concrete on the ground and had to send the English speaking one with the ambulance, this left me a very bad situation, trying to do hand signals to 20 Mexican concrete finishers–you cannot let fresh poured concrete just set there—I find it odd that we are suppose to learn their language, can you imagine Germans speaking English, or France speaking Spanish or Chinese speaking French, would they have to change their countries name—language to a country, is like their flag, it represents their character and traditions, it’s OK to learn a foreign language , but it should not be forced on people, like the old saying ,when in Rome , do as the Romans do*****************************************************************************


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