Prompt: What does the 16th of September mean to you as a Mexican-American?

I know that the 16th of September is independence day for Mexico, but what are some things I should write about for this prompt? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Mexico’s independence day doesn’t mean anything to me as a mexican american. I’m not trying to forget my culture or background either. Its just that both my parents, both sets of grandparents, and both great grandfathers were all born in the us. My great grandfather was a blacksmith for a us army post in the town where i live. i live in a border town in texas, laredo. I know somewhere in mexico i have to have some relatives but to tell you the truth, my brothers and sisters or i have never met them. I don’t remember having ever heard of them either. I’ve never even been to a house in mexico. I don’t even go over there to shop. The first language in my house was english. I was maybe eight years old before i ever started to speak spanish. I speak and write spanish very well. but that’s cause i learned it in school. I’m not ashamed of being a mexican american either if thats what youre thinking. but my family has served in the us armed forces for generations. they’ve gone to war for this country. I know i’ll anger some people when i say this but, the 16th of september is just another day for me. i’m very patriotic. The star spangled banner makes me teary eyed everytime i here it. I think people who were actually born in mexico and are now here may feel different. and thats cool. but as for me, god bless america.

    Pancho R

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