.someone called me a fucken Mexican at work.how can I get them in trouble?I know it's some sort racisim issue ?

I’m not Mexican nor look like one.but I do speak Spanish/portugal
yes thank you,it was a typo
lol.its funny how people enjoy pointing out others errors.yes i understand portugal is a country and NOT a language.i made the assumption that people would make sense of that,but THANK you all for your help.


  1. Loco si yo fuera usted. If I were you I would have given him a platano smack. But without any violence, check with your work place and ask if there was any video cameras around that probably recorded it. If he doesn’t stop then report him. Remember theres always that platano.

  2. You should report it to human resources and or someone who is in higher authority than that person who called you that! That is harassment and it should be taken seriously and dealt with right. Sorry to hear that other people are rude and don’t respect you at your place of work. Good luck honestly.

  3. I agree, try to get them on tape or if at all possible, video.

    If not, just report them and try to find some witnesses before you report it, otherwise you might be made to look like a fool because everyone will back the other guy, in which case you really should have him on tape to prove it.

    Ah, yeah, definitely get to talking to someone in high authority, not just the supervisor or wherever you work, unless you know for sure they’re willing to take it up to executives. Because most people will just brush it off and say "that’s life" and it could keep happening. Bullying in the workplace where I live is taken very seriously, after a teenage girl committed suicide after about a year and a half of verbal, physical, mental and emotional abuse at her workplace. It was horrible to hear about, let alone experience.

    Llandel Veguilla

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