weird relationship with mexican girl that speaks no english?

this mexican girl that speaks no english has worked at our family restaurant for a year until she quit recently in may. i speak some spanish but we mostly communicate through text message with translations from yahoo answers. a month after she quit i asked her to go out and we went out 3 times. i took her to the mall, bowling, aquarium. i kissed her on the third time we went out. one week later i took her to play tennis and we didnt go out for a month. we didn’t communicate very much either after we kissed. i then asked her out to go shopping after a month and she said yes. i bought her a few things at the mall and when i dropped her off she kissed me, (she made the move) she is extremely pretty and has guys hitting on her non-stop. she is 23 and good catholic girl. she is very nice. i dont know if she likes me or she kissed me because i bought her some clothes. what to do?


  1. After vigorously meditating on why she has been acting so strange or rather, not letting you know for certainty whether she likes you or not, or has not determined to let you know she likes you, I found out why this peculiar act might be occurring. I think it is because, first of all, both of you CAN’T even communicate with each other, WITH ALL YOUR RESPECT. Secondly, she might be thinking that you are buying her all these stuff, inviting her to places, etc. because you just like her physical NOT her real person; what’s inside. Finally, she might probably want to marry you but there are a few problems: She is a Mexican, you’re not; her whole family is Mexican; yours isn’t; she is poor, you’re not; she isn’t a citizen, you are; and she feels strange being in that situation especially when both of you can barely comprehend each other.

  2. Take the truthful, open approach and simply ask her. I can see that it is harder for you read the woman since you cannot communicate very well verbally, other wise you may be more understanding of just what her intentions are. Since you are having this difficulty then just ask her how she feels about what is going on. Do it however you can (texting, email) but you need to know for your own sanity what she is thinking. Guessing will only make things worse. good Luck to you.

  3. Hello,

    I deal and work with the Latin American community a lot and my wife is hispanic. I get kissed about 20 times a week by Latina women whenever they encounter me or just meet me. No, they are not in love with me or hoping for a date; it is just their way of saying hello, how are you? You will find that European women as a rule follow the same custom.

    I certainly was never used to that but then again I sure am not going to complain. You have to be careful though, not to take things the wrong way since this is part of the culture.


    Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly

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