What are some Mexican stereotypes that we use?

I’m doing a presentation for my Ethics & Values class. My group is doing stereotyping. How do you stereotype different ethnic groups, specifically Mexicans? This isn’t meant to hurt or harm. It is an effort to get people to think about this and to know that it is an ethical issue. I need information on how this is both harmful and helpful. I know that this is a harsh, tough topic to speak about, but I need all the help I can get.


  1. Ive got plenty, all of which i hate to repeat but its for educational purposes…

    -They cut grass
    -Wait in corners looking for work all the time
    -Steal americans jobs
    -‘Wetbacks and beaners’
    -The men usually have a knife on them, or look like theyre about to steal something
    -The women are easy and have many kids, at young ages too
    -Any mexican is an immigrant (which is NOT TRUE!)
    -Any spanish person is mexican, which also makes that person an immigrant (?)
    -They automatically speak very fast spanish

    Thats all i got right now, hope i helped!

  2. that mexicans are lazy. go to a hotel and who’s the maid? who does the landscaping usually? who works in our factory farms for low wages and no health benefits just because americans are too proud to take those jobs? Mexicans. that sure sounds like a lazy person, doesn’t it? (sarcasm)

  3. they do jobs Americans think they are too good to do themselves.. then the Americans claim the Mexicans are stealing their jobs.. even though they wouldn’t do those jobs if they wqere offered the position.
    Mexicans enjoy napping in the day.
    Mexicans have a lot of children, but for what ever reason still only own a pick up truck, why i do not know.
    a lot of Mexicans can fit in one car.
    Mexican women are hairy.
    Mexican men are horny/ perverts


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