What are some slutty black or mexican girl names. ?

Im writing a report/story thing and ive only came up with bianca, shaylisa and shayna( no offense to anyone with those names) and those arent all that pretty to me. i need 6 slutty names. please help me. (SIDENOTE) : I am not a racist, im black and a form of mexican sooo . thanks please help. no negative comments.


  1. Michelle (im already finding my wallet!)
    Malia (see this name 24/7 on mexican/black dating sites)
    Sasha (<<< dunnoe were i got this from)
    Peter Pan (<<< would’nt pay for that tho, but still :S)

    Frathir Fíligâs
  2. I don’t think Bianca is slutty at all. I think of it as a white girl name.

    I know this is a bit silly, but you know that song that goes "Sexy, can I…" (Sorry, I don’t know the song. I’m old and don’t listen to that type of music 😉 ) Well, the first time I heard it, I thought the guy was singing Sexyanna. I had flashes of trailer trash ghetto girls naming their babies Sexyanna. It might work for your report :).


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