what did you learn when you went to a restaurant?

what did you learn when you went to a mexican restaurant? what were you hoping to learn?


  1. When I visit any ethnic restaurant I look at the main ingredients they feature…..I notice they use the same foods mixed different ways and give them new names…..I’m finally catching on to their ways of serving different dishes…..So what I do is order a "sampler" a taste of different things they serve.. Then when I go the next time I order what I enjoyed the most…
    Last time I had their drink that is made from rice water with cinnamon…I don’t remember the name of it..but it was so good with the food….it was a cold drink. Seems like they called it ‘agua de orchata"…..
    Oh then for dessert they had "flan"….that was excellent…
    now I feel as if I want to go there right now..but it’s too late…lol
    thanks for asking….I’ll go for lunch tomorrow…
    See ya,
    Mama Jazzy Geri

    Mama Jazzy Geri
  2. I learned that beans and rice are part of EVERY dish….i was hoping to see how many different ways enchiladas can be served….with green, white, traditional or ranchero sauce


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