What do they say when I call to a mexican mobile?

When i try to call to a mobile number in mexico i hear a woman saying something like this: suy emada serratrans de liba du son. (I think its completely wrong the way i write is, but this is what i can hear) What does it mean?


  1. WOW, even if you don’t speak Spanish you were able to catch the sound of the language.

    This is what it means:
    your call will be transfered to voicemail.

    In Spanish: Su llamada será transferida al buzón.

    Well, if you want to leave a message, just wait for the beep, or the person you are trying to reach probably will prompt you to leave a message.

  2. I think you’re hearing, "su llamada será tras? del?iba? del son" that doesn’t totally make sense, but the words that do, and guessing the others, something like, "Your call will be completed after the tone."

    Ana Maria V

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