What do u think about our kids learning Mexican?

Do u think that our kids should be made to learn Mexican or anyother language they dont want to or do u belive that it is the peoples place to learn our langage since they are coming here


  1. They should learn the American language, since they chose to live here. We shouldn’t be forced to learn Spanish! Although, I’m learning it. I’m not forced to, but it’s fun.

  2. I believe the language is called Spanish you ignoramus. Get yourself out of the Winnebago and stop being such a bigot you retarded Rodeo Clown.

  3. First of all…It’s Spanish, not Mexican. There is no such language.
    In this age, people need a second language. English happens to be mine.

    Galina K
  4. The language is Spanish, not Mexican.
    Some kids grow up to do international business, for which fluency in another language would be helpful. It is my understanding that Mexico is the second largest trade partner of the US, so being able to speak Spanish could be a valuable asset to employees of companies that trade with Mexico.

  5. idiot, mexican is a nationality…SPANISH would be the language…and yes, i do believe that more schools should give more opportunity to learn SPANISH as that is a prominent language in today’s culture

  6. by mexican i assume you mean spanish…

    this answer is pretty easy. if you speak only english, travel to some place where they speak zero english and see how you feel. it will change your view of learning new languages. i don’t think anyone should be FORCED to learn another language, i think they should be ENCOURAGED to do so. what’s wrong with being able to converse with people in their native languages?

    The Beast
  7. I assume you mean learning Spanish, since that is the language of Mexico (albeit subtly different that the Spanish spoken in Spain).

    Learning another language is a great tool. Once you learn one, it is easy to pick up others. Communication is the key to settling differences and creating harmony. The more people we can reach, the better life will be.

  8. Is spanish u ignorant ! and yes, everyone should learn a second language.Admit it or not, A LOT of people are leaning spanish.LOVE language, i hear spanish, and PASSION and LOVE come to my mind.

    flo f
  9. If 20yrs. ago I knew it would be like it is today, I would’ve payed more attention in spanish class………..
    Just so I could know if they are talking about me. I really hate it when I’m out and hear these people talking their ibbida bibbida in public and I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.
    It should be English in public. If we go to other countries, they don’t bend over backwards to speak English to us, so why do we do it for them? Makes no sense.

  10. Well, they will learn some colorful phrases in the school yard!

    I got tired of Spanish so I tried French until they called me Pierre, I dopped the class. I am NOT a PIERRE!

    Earl D
  11. SHEESH, Armand L thinks american is a language and you think mexican is a language maybe we should eduacate this country better with the basics before we throw in learning another language just an observation

    mike l
  12. Most educated people speak more than one language. Colleges usually will require that your kids have at least two years of a foregin language in high school. I guess if you want to keep your kids down, you don’t have to let them learn a foreign language, such as *Spanish*.

    Myself, I am happy that I have been able to study not only Spanish, but also Italian, Latin, Greek, and Arabic. It is not only intellectually satisfying to learn other languages, but it is fun to learn about other cultures and civilizations.

    Things don’t tend to grow well when they are locked up in the dark.

  13. Mexico is a North American country with sovereign boundaries and a proud multi-cultural population.
    Mexican is not a language. Spanish is the predominant language of Mexico and de facto official language. Nonetheless, the second article of the constitution defines the country as a pluricultural nation, and recognizes the right of the indigenous peoples to "preserve and enrich their languages…" and promotes "bilingual and intercultural education"
    When in Rome…

  14. Children as a rule in california aren"t required to
    learn another language.Once they’re in middle
    school or high school then they may have to.
    I came to the USA as a child and only spoke
    spanish, now I also speak french and english. 🙂

  15. The native language of Mexicans is usually Spanish.

    Learning a second language can be very useful. It can also be fun to learn. I believe that exposure to a second language can be economically and culturally useful. The choice of that language may be limited by what is taught in your schools.

    In high schools, usually the decision about whether to take courses in a second language is up to the student (and her parents). This decision may be influenced by whether there are plans to go to college (some colleges may require this). And obviously the choice of language courses is limited by what languages that school offers.

    In addition, some elementary and middle schools may also expose students to a smattering of exposure to another language. Since students at these ages usually don’t get to make choices about their educational program (they are all required to study math, science, social studies, PE, English language, etc.) the only way to effect change in the curriculum is to lobby your school board to make these changes. Furthermore, the curriculum in your school may be at least partially controlled by your state’s requirements, so to effect change may require changes in state laws.

    I wouldn’t fight it – there are too many good reasons to learn a second language and I can’t really think of any good reasons for a child to NOT at least be exposed to another language.

  16. *We should be strongly encouraged to learn the languages of every country (Mexico included) that is forced to accept our economic system in a globalized economy. This way *we can communicate back and find out how they are being impacted…it’s only fair. Then maybe *we could help them to help us to help them (!) improve their economy so that they aren’t squeezed out of their country and into ours cause *we’ve made their lives so impossible!

    *ie: the word "we" refers to (1) our "system" (governmental/economic/military-industrial) and (2) all those complicit through fault or default. I’d say that includes most of us…

  17. i agree that you should learn to speak american if you want tol live in america…….but, learning a second language is really not a bad thing..as a matter of fact, the more languages that you know, most of the time, that means the better job you can get…..a lot of jobs are looking for you to speak another language besides english, being that this is america and we have people from all walks of life here…….in other words, a 2nd language is a good thing and can really help

    michele v
  18. I think it’s great for children to learn Spanish so they can converse with those who haven’t learned English yet.

    Immigrants have changed the official language of this land once or we’d all be speaking American Indian dialects. This is no different.

    Wright Sense
  19. you shouldn’t have to learn anything you don’t want to, personally i see nothing wrong in children learning another language, that’s just furthering their education. and it seem,s that now a days it wouldn’t hurt for everyone including Mexicans to learn each others language, so we can all understand each other and try and get along. but the decision is all up to you.

  20. Anyone coming to LIVE in the USA should learn English. Americans can’t be expected to learn every single language of every immigrant that comes to the US. It’s the job of the immigrant to learn English, not the other way around.

    As far as American children learning languages, I think it’s a good idea for them to know at least one other language besides English. But they should be able to choose which language they want to learn, not have it forced on them. There’s nothing wrong with learning languages, the more the better.

  21. Mexican is not a language. If you mean Spanish, then yes. It won’t hurt for you learn another language as well. Myself I know English,Spanish,Arabic.

  22. I think it is wonerful. Most Contries around the world require that thier students should learn a second language (usaly english) why should we be any differnet. our schools are going down the drain very quickly! And i am appaled by the fact that people refuse to let there children learn a second language, Many people say that they are not racist when they really are that is the perfect exampe. Learning Spanish will likely help them in the future, so stop being a lazy pompist racist.

    Logan H
  23. You are white right,it’s Spanish not mexican.Well if you don’t want your stinky kids learning spanish they ain’t got to.That’s my language,tell them to go learn racistwhitenese

    Blucontrell Esminosa-Garcia
  24. Do you mean Spanish? =S

    If so then yes I think they should learn different languages, Just like they should learn about other different cultures. They also get paid better when their older lol!

  25. Apparently you didn’t learn that Mexican is not a language.
    Maybe you should go back to school and let the children learn whatever language they want. Besides, by the time they get to high school, they’ll be able to pass the language course with no problemo. :o)


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