What do you think?? Should a Mexican and Indian make a couple?

I have a friend that is talking to an Indian guy, and she is Mexican. Should she continue talking to him because she only sees him once a month. She likes him, but she isn’t sure if he likes her the same.


  1. Honestly race doesn’t mean anything. We’re all people here.

    In answering your real question, I think she should keep talking to him. We need some more information though if you want a more in depth answer. Why do they only see each other once a month? Where is each located, like is this a Mexico to India kind of relationship? Cause there lies many different paths.

    But talking isn’t a bad thing, just don’t be dumb about it if done online.

  2. what does ur nationalities have to do with being a couple?
    it all depends on how well do they love each other & how much do they understand each other!
    tell ur friend to get to know him more & rest will follow

  3. How do you know if he’s not sure if he likes her? I think you’re jealous that your friend likes someone. And I agree with the first comment.. It doesn’t matter what either of them are; if they like each other, butt-the-fu**ck out


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