What drives a Mexican to become such a hard worker?

I am doing a 2-4 page research paper and I was instructed to pick 2 cultures to write about. I chose Mexicans and Chinese because they are not lazy at all and I admire these qualities. I searched the internet but wasn’t able to find any info. on how these cultures became such hard workers. If anyone can provide me some sources to look up I would appreciate it dearly.
oops I meant to add this to the culture section; please forgive me. But if you know please still answer


  1. its because they are trying to make a living in this country, because they know that it takes hard work and will do anything, meaning working in the fields in the boiling sun, but yea

    mayra? =)
  2. My husband, whose mother was from Mexico, told me that when he was growing up almost all of the men around him that were his natural role models were all hard workers, and that hard work was praised and respected by everyone in the family. It made no difference how much money the fellow made – one of his role models was a civil engineer, another had a farm he sold for seven figures, and others picked vegetables and so on.

    Also, the extended families were close so he saw and talked to these men on at least a weekly basis, usually more often.

    Not surprisingly, my husband is a very hard worker.


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