What is a good thesis for the Mexican American war?

I am doing a paper on the "unprovoked and unjustifiable war of agression" also known was the Mexican war. I am having trouble crafting not only an acurate, however a well written thesis. If i could get some help or pointers on what would be the best thesis to write on this paper that would be a big help. Thanks.


  1. you will have to find some history of america. there was a time when america was only the original 13 colonies and we expanded in many ways. this is all in history but much too much for on Y Q & A

    focus on one small part of the story and acknowledge there is so much more to discuss

    I notice that your ".." is already a conclusion based on someone’s point of view. It can be defended but you must be able to do so.

    almost all wars come down to " you got it now, we want it"

    Richard B

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