What is Obama's motive when he tells outrageous lies about Mexican border being safe and guarded?

I live within 1000 yds. of the mexican border and I can tell you its is not guarded I have at least 100 illegals a wk. come to my house and ask for water and they are not the least bit afraid of being caught. They have been told by others how big a joke our border is and they even have a sense of arrogance about them when they talk about our border they actually think mexico still owns this land.


  1. you’re welcome to disagree, but in the big picture, what he said was in fact true. Obama’s deported more people than Bush. there are more forces along the border, and there are now drone flights monitoring the border from several locations. the number of crossings are down, and the largest number of detentions and returns are from the Arizona area. and that’s a fact.

    George L
  2. You have a quote?

    I know he’s said that conservatives still find room to criticize despite him fulfilling every single one of their wishes regarding patrol of the border. His point being the answer isn’t just in patrol. There needs to be substantive reform.

    Your question is inane...
  3. He’s wanting their votes and will do anything to get them. His lack of performance on border security as well as most other issues will earn for him the title: One term president.

  4. Ironically, it’s actually you who is lying.

    Perhaps next time you post, you will provide evidence for your claims.

    Oh wait, your a Republican, I guess that’s never going to happen.

    ObamaBot THX-1138
  5. Obama is an appeaser. The Democrats are looking at more Cheap Votes down the road. If Obama, really started Enforcing the Current Federal Immigration Laws, the State of Arizona would have more money available for Children’s Food Assistance and Health Care needs. But, since Obama is a Lawyer, he is out to help his corrupt Sharia Law Cronies, with more Costly Lawsuits that are draining our States Budgets.

    Texas Chainsaw Bunny

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