What is the fastest way to learn how to talk in a Irish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and S. African?

My Choir teacher is making people try out for this play called "Salute to America," we have to try out for all of these and then she will pick the best. Obviously I can’t do any of these very well but I REALLY need some help. Please give me all the information you can!


  1. listening and repeating. Ever wonder why people learn languages faster when they go to an actual country filled with people speaking that language? youtube has a lon of resources. its hard to transliterate certain pronounciations, but when you hear it you can mimick it.

    listening to tapes, watching movies are also helpful, but after you learn some basics about the language. Or else, it’ll just sound like gibberish. better yet download it to your computer and use a video editor to slow the speech down so you can repeat after it. Make sure you have subtitles available.


    Valentina ♥
  2. The best way to learn a language is to practice and practice. You can also find some interesting ways to learn language, such as music, movies, and culture. With interests to learn language, you will make more progress in your learning. If you want to learn Chinese, I’d like to suggest you an interesting Chinese blog which contains many things about China and Chinese culture. Perhaps it can help you more (https://www.echineselearning.com/resources/askquestions.html?ecl=ptEEEEEEyall030502). If you have questions about learning Chinese, you can also email me at jennifer.zhu@echineselearning.com (www.eChineseLearning.com). I will always be happy to help. Best regards. –Jennifer
    English Answer 3: The blog above is very good. It helps me more in my Chinese learning. And also it has many interesting things about China and Mandarin. If you want to learn Chinese, I believe it will be helpful.

    Jennifer Zhu

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