What language do they speak in Mexico?

my friend asked me and i said mexican. they all laughed and wouldnt tell me the REAL answer (if any). so do they speak mexican? or is it some other language?


  1. Mexican is the mexican version of Spanish , much like Quebecois is a Quebec version of French.
    Both are words in the dictionary and therefore acceptable in conversation.
    The reason why they laughed is they presumed you did not know that "Mexican" is the mexico version of Spanish. However, a real Spaniard would accept your answer, much like a Frenchman would accept the answer Quebecois"

    These are words that describe regional versions of the same language. Semantics. Linguistics.
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  2. Really?! So if a person is from America they speak American or better yet a person who lives in Colorado speaks Coloradoian? Figure it out by looking up the culture and reading about them.


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