What language should I learn?

I was wondering if I should learn mexican spanish r french, becuase all of my friend speek at least 2 language and I want to to. thank you for al ur answers 🙂


  1. Can’t help you decide but can give you reasons why to learn them!
    I speak Spanish because I was born like that, raised with it. Spanish is a very popular language in America (I assume you live here) and all over world, and many countries use that as their official languages. Spanish is pretty easy, and pronounciations will be much easier than in French. Mostly everything is prononced the way it is spelled, and its a VERY good language to know in USA since many people immagrate from Mexico. You can definately use this.

    I take french class at school, and I like it, and if you know Spanish then learning french will be much easier after! Since they are both romantic languages. French pronciation is much more difficult than Spanish but is still a popular language, and our neighbors the Canadians use it too. French isnt so hard either.

    You decide 🙂
    quieres hablar espanol?
    parlez-vous francais?

    Ari T
  2. Assuming you live in America, You should definitely go for Mexican Spanish. French would be nothing but a waste of time. If you took Spanish, you would have a much MUCH higher chance to actually use it than French.

    Have fun with it! Spanish is a great language!

    Joe S

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