What Spanish phrases do you think I should know as a hostess of a Mexican restaurant?

I’m applying for a job as the hostess as Trejo’s Mexican Grill & Bar. I know some Spanish (Greetings, Numbers, Pronunciation, Small sentences, etc…). What do you think I should know just in case a Spanish-Speaking person came in? Plus, there are about 3 waiters there who speak fluent Spanish and English, I don’t want to distract them by asking them to translate… if you catch my drift lol. & if you have any tips on being a hostess, let me know!! haha bytheway,I’m 16 this is my 2nd job.
What I ALREADY know:
Hello, Good Bye, How are you?, 1-100, Excuse me, How many?, Do you need anything else?, Bless you (after a sneeze), Thank you, Please, You’re welcome. And a few more! lol


  1. As a hostess, hello, how many, goodbye, and thank you are what you need to get by.

    Maybe on some down-time you can ask the waiters for some extra phrases or questions you are curious about. Also, you may find that just being in an environment where people speak Spanish, you’ll be able to pick up on words/phrases all on your own.

    As far as being a hostes, just remember to smile and be courteous. The specifics on how to seat/how to run the floor will be taught to you and comes naturally after awhile. The most important part is your personality.

    Good luck!

    Elisa B.
  2. Hola-Hello
    Coma es stas-How are you?

    Those are the basics…but you should learn "what will you be getting today." "any drinks?"
    etc etc,


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