What Spanish vocabulary should I review before going into a Mexican market in town?

no sarcasm please and No I’m not just going to speak english with them.
i speak Castellano spanish but I’m not fluent and I’d like some tips..
what things should I know how to say in order to buy food there? I’m buying various foods.
muchas gracias!!


  1. An outdoor market or a grocery store? At a grocery store you can pretty much throw everything in your cart. At the market you should ask cuanto vale? or cuanto cuesta? Como se llama …? to ask what the name of the food is. Como se cocina ….? if you want to know how to prepare it. They may tell you to pick your own box or bag of vegetables/fruits "escoga" or ask if they can do it for you so might review and then listen for forms of the verb escoger. Maybe you want to buy something a little exotic like mamey and you don’t know how to choose one…. Ask them to recommend (recomendar is the verb) or tell which is riper (mas maduro/a) or better Cual es mejor? Obviously, have an idea about what most things you might want to purchase are called so they roll off your tongue a little better. libra (pound) useful to know bolsa (bag) caja or cajita (box)

  2. Erik Van Thienen
  3. rice……arroz
    Corn tortillas………tortillas de mailz
    pimientos, chilli pepper

    Gloria A

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