What was your motivation in learning a second language?

Just curious. Husband is Mexican and I’m Italian. Of course we both speak English. When we got pregnant with our first I felt the rush was on. I didn’t want him talking chit about me in Spanish so I took the time to take classes and learn Spanish. He did the same but in Italian. Our kids are grown now, and trilingual. So what was your motivation for learning a second or third language?


  1. Portuguese: A girl that I liked, who is from Brazil. I thought I would try to impress her. We still talk. Whoo.

    French: I have to take a foreign language in school.

  2. My step daughter is half Latina and her biological mother is mostly estranged. I remember growing up with a mulatto girl as my best friend in grade school and the hard ships she went through because she was biracial. I dont want my little princess looked down on when she goes to school with other Hispanic children and she doesn’t understand their culture, her culture. i enlisted the help of some friends and made some new ones so i could learn Spanish and teach all my children (two more of my own) how to be comfortable speaking another language and respectful of other people’s culture. If i can teach my three kids to be tolerant and that learning is important on an everyday level then iv bettered their world for them! maybe they will continue with their children and my family will be stronger for it!!

    Kathryn G
  3. well.. i didn´t plan on learning English i sort of just did by watching tv, but i did plan on learning Portuguese cause it´s useful in my country (Argentina) being Brazils neighbor and Italian cause i have dual citizenship.. now i want to study French cause i think it´s really useful and i have a huge advantage having learned other neo latin ones.

  4. I learned english in school because I had to. I also learned it from watching a lot of tv in english. I guess I learned it because it’s a very usuful language and in my country, you’re considered stupid and uneducated if you don’t know it. I learned spanish as well, also in school, becaue I think it sounds good and because it’s very useful as well 🙂

  5. Japanese is my fourth language, I guess you could say. I speak English and Vietnamese fluently (semi-fluentlyish for Vietnamese). I was forced to take Spanish in middle school as a kid. Right now though, I’m taking Japanese as a sophomore in college. Something about Japanese intrigues me–the culture, the language, their writing system…all of it.

    It would’ve been nice if they offered Japanese when I was in high school or middle school though, but what’s happened can’t be changed.

  6. At first it was because of school. Spanish sound interesting so I said why not. Then I got to high school, and decided to stop Spanish in favor of French. Loved French and still learning it. Thinking of being able to speak in French someday and actually live in France motivated me. Two years later I’m still studying French, and hopefully if approved by my school this summer I’ll be taking a 3 week trip to Paris to practice my French.

    After learning French, about a year and a half ago, I started gaining interest in languages. Before I just thought of knowing French, but now I’m learning 3 others (Korean, Arabic, and Swahili) and want to take up Mandarin eventually. My motivation for these would have to be me meeting so many people from parts of the world right after freshman year started. Also I gained an interest in business, international business/economics, and literally spent my summer after freshman year doing mostly nothing but reading news articles. I’m propelled to become fluent in the other three I’m learning now because someday I want to live in South Korea, and visit (possibly live in) North/East Africa, and the middle east. Also so I can communicate with friends in their native languages.

    eddeux (urhelerhele)

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