What would happen in mexico if a Guatemalan wrote a book called Sin fronteras, about the mexican guat .border?

would she be raped, tortutred, or killed by Mexican police who routinely abuse guatamalans immigrating into mexico?


  1. the funny thing about Guatemalans is that they are shorter and poorer than Mexicans,,,,when they work in Mexico,,,they say the Mexicans are to fat and lazy to do the work the Guatemalans do,,,they believe the Mexican need them like they need water,,,,,SOUND Familiar

  2. Do you not understand why people want to leave Mexico? The police abuse their own for a couple of bucks. So why would ANYONE in their right mind go there?

  3. Don,

    I think you must work for Yahoo, its very suspicious that you are the only one "NOW", thas is allowed to asked these types of questions. Everybody elses questions are being deleted or not posted…….hum………………

    Eaton Hartford Moreau
  4. C’mon the police and the military in Guatemala do worst thing to their own people in your country. Don’t play dead like you are coming from Sweden. Everybody who writes here just say the most stupid things about Mexico. That police kills you fro 2 bucks and that who want to go there. Just ignorant people. Why you don’t say about the Maras Salvatruchas that terrorize the small towns in southern Mexico? You use Mexico to come to the U. S., and then when the border patrol deport you, Guatemalans and all the Central Americans illegal said "I’m Mexican" in order to avoid to be deported to your country so you can stay in Mexico and to try one more time to come here. Your country has a bloody history so go to another dog with that bone!

  5. It would be really interesting to read since in the border there’s a lot of corruption in both sides, anyway I don’t really think it’d had any effect on MexicoGuatemala relations, neither any discrimination actions over Guatemalans in Mexico, or viceversa. Mexico it’s much more focused on the north border.

    Read about Mara Salvatrucha, then you will understand why Mexican Border is kind of hard to go through, anyway that border is in the middle of the jungle so it’s quite easy to cross far away from the aduana.

    Mara Salvatrucha gangs are all over Central America, they’re not only robbers, they’re junkies, killers, with no respect of the life of others (In Honduras they decapitated a man and then played soccer with his head), obviously Mexico it’s trying to avoid that they enter to the country.


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