What's the agenda behind trying to destroy the Mexican Identity of Mexicans in US with "Official Language" etc

Is the hidden agenda ethnocide and cultural genocide?
Ok for the users that ask, here are some of the actions considered ethnocide:

-Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
-Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
-Any form of propaganda directed against them.


  1. Ethnocentric racism by the GOP. They’re trying to pander to the extreme right-wing of the GOP, and in the mean time ignoring the middle of the road conservatives who are Republicans.

    As a Democrat, I miss the old GOP. This new breed of proto-fascists is scary. At least the old GOP respected democracy and the institutions that made America great.

    It is inherenltly racist. Why don’t they suggest putting a fence between the US and Canada? Don’t they think illegal immigrants come from there too?

    Racist pigs.

    Be sure to get involved with local political groups and vote.

  2. No. English is the official language of the US. Nothing worse than trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak it when trying to resolve a problem, or give or receive work orders for the day (notice how I said give or receive that way you won’t jump down my throat stating I put the English speaking person in a position of authority by just saying GIVE). I am all for Mexicans in the workplace but the fact remains English needs to be kept as the official language of America.

  3. No. The agenda is preventing ourselves from having a foreign language shoved down our throats by illegal invaders who refuse to assimilate to our culture and demand that we assimilate to theirs.

    The illegal Mexican immigrants are invading this country trying to take it over. It’s encouraged by Mexico and the American businesses who use them for cheap labor. Their loyalty is to Mexico. They proved that during one of the first rallies when they took down the American flag, hung up the Mexican flag, and then hung the American flag upside down underneath it. THAT is how they feel about America.


    Then the people who want to appease them pull out the excuses about how people who are not even alive now, and haven’t been for hundreds of years, ‘stole’ the land from the American Indians. Even American politicians are carrying out this traitorous attack on our sovereignty! If this keeps up, the United States of America will become a 3rd world country, just like Mexico! Mexico’s problems are not the fault of Americans, but they are becoming our problems because the Mexicans are invading us and bringing their problems with them.

    The illegals make up about 5 % of the work force. The unemployment rate is about 4.5%. Keep in mind that the unemployment rate does NOT represent everyone who is unemployed. It only counts those who are collecting unemployment. Everyone else’s plight is ignored. The unemployment rate if everyone was counted would be tremendous. We do NOT have a shortage of labor, we have a large surplus. The more illegals that come in and take our jobs at minimum wage or less (often less) puts more and more Americans out of a job. Most of these Americans are never counted in the unemployment rate if they do not manage to get unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are hard to receive.

    Illegals draw welfare by stealing people’s social security numbers and identities. That means there are a lot of people being directly hurt by these people as well. Innocent people are having their credit ratings ruined, having IRS problems, and social security problems. If someone who has had their social security number stolen gets married, if either spouse dies or become disabled then they can be denied their benefits.

    My family moved to the US before WWII. Those of my family that didn’t make it over got killed by the death camps. Our family assimilated to the American culture. We didn’t expect the Americans to change to suit us. The illegal immigrants from Mexico are not civilized like that.

    They not only changed the National Anthem to Spanish, they changed the words. They already burn our flag and hang our flag upside down. They waved the Mexican flag during a lot of their protests. Some schools have stopped hanging the American flag and forbidden students from wearing clothes with any part of the American flag on their clothing all to keep from offending the Mexicans. It’s nothing short of an attack of our country, not only by the illegal aliens, but those who seek to appease them.

    I am tired of the stereotype that Americans wouldn’t do the work that illegals do. Illegals do all kinds of jobs for less than minimum wage which drives the wages down for U.S. citizens. Construction jobs are an example. There are lots of illegals doing construction jobs that Americans used to do because the companies can keep more of the profits if they pay less for the workers. All that does is make companies wealthier and Americans poorer. Illegals are stealing jobs that Americans have done for years.

  4. Being required to speak and write the native language of the country you are living in or doing business in is very reasonable.

    There is no restriction OF ANY KIND on the language anyone uses at home, or in personal communications – the language requirement is ONLY for official activities.

    How can this be seen as an agenda to destory someone’s Mexican Identity? I’m afraid you have me baffled.

  5. to all you mexicans and mexican lovers just learn to speak English, wouldn’t that solve tour problems.maybe you could at least fit in somewhat.
    if you don’t want to speak English then swim back. it’s not a one way river….

  6. It’s not just the Mexican identity they’re out to destroy.It’s the whole Latino identity they want to annihilate. They are shaking in their shorts as we speak because guess what? In another 20 years,they’ll be the minority.

  7. What’s the agenda behind trying to change the National Anthem? As for the declaration of an "Official Language"–it’s called Americans are tired of being pushed around by others that are expecting US to give up our identity to "welcome" you into our country. A friend of mine that is a teacher for Behavior Disorder kids was recently told that she cannot ask the SPANISH-speaking kids to speak in English if she is trying to talk to them, even when she knows that they DO speak English!! She had to go and take college courses to accommodate their laziness and the accommodations being made to them by our society. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

    Wilde Enchantress
  8. It has nothing to do with Mexicans. Most countries in the world have an ‘Official’ Language specified to do business. A common language is necessary to bind the people of a nation together as one. Also, it only makes sense for the government to operate in only one language. Just look at the mess in some states with Voting! Printing ballots in 90plus languages??? It leads to the Balkanization of a nation.

    Your Question itself identifies the problem. The problem is that we have Mexicans Living in USA instead of Mexican immigrants working to become Americans. They are moving and entire nation and its culture into another country. The USA is great because we take the best of all cultures and blend it all together into something better. This wave of illegal aliens is hurting the distinct american culture.

    I have no problem with Mexicans. I just think that Mexicans should live in Mexico. If you want to apply for citizenship, reject Mexican way of life and become an American we will welcome you. There is no problem with maintaining cultural heritage as we always have. Just look at the Oktoberfest, Septemberfest, and other various festivals as well as all of the ethnic neighborhoods, restaurants etc… The point is to leave the bad behind, celebrate the good and become an American.

    The Language issue is just a symptom of this argument. If someone is not even willing to learn the English Language, they are demonstrating contempt for America and the American people and are not demonstrating their ability to melt into America.

  9. official languages create unity among cultures. you should stop complaining because the national language idea, if it would destroy any identity, would affect EVERY other immigrant that doesn’t speak English. when there is no official language people become separated, and it ruins the melting pot idea that people have of the US. isn’t that also one of your guy’s argument? "The USA is a melting pot of cultures so let illegals in". when you throw stuff in a melting pot(the potatoes, the carrots, etc) each thing becomes similar but they still are a little different. this country has nothing to make everything similar, so if we instate a national language, it becomes a unifying factor. why English, you ask? because most of the immigrants before learned it, because that has been our unofficial language for centuries, because 80% of Americans believe English should be the national language. if you hate English so much, why are you on an English speaking web page? you saying "cultural genocide" and "agenda ethnocide" (explain what that exactly means) makes you sound ignorant and arrogant. nobody wants to hurt anyone

  10. I wouldn’t harp on this or you will have people writing to their Congressmen. Believe me, you WILL lose on this point. Right now the strictest Senate bill language is still just that English is a ‘national’ language. This is not the same as ‘official’ language. In other words, it doesn’t change multi-language ballots, street signs, or anything else. It only encourages assimilation into society recognizing that over 100 languages are spoken in this country. In order not to splinter into segregated groups, we need a common language for communication. Look at the Tower of Babel. Multitudes of languages was God’s curse on the society, and it fell apart.

    My family has spoken English for many generations yet we still consider our heritage to be German. My second language is German. There is no ethnocide or cultural genocide in requiring fluency to communicate with the rest of the country.

    Besides whose side are you on? If you are in favor of rights of immigrants, you should want them to have real opportunities to succeed. All of the immigrants who have made it big in this country have become fluent in English. It is at least as important to success as a green card.

  11. Mexicans loose their identity when they swim the Rio Grande to become aliens in the US. They no longer have any rights here, so if they want to keep their mexican identity, they should swim back. We don’t want them here. Are you listening1 We don’t want them here!
    You stupid people have opened Pandora’s box with your dumb as*s demand tactics, you have awakened a sleeping giant. Now, you have the American people down on you, and that was a mistake. It is our vote that counts, not yours, so you can bet that Congress will sway to the will of the people.

    Oh, by the way, each generation of mexicans that live in this country, will be influenced less and less by your culture. Usually, by the time the second generation reaches maturity, they will see their children turning their backs on your way of life. and, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. So you see, it is you that is destroying your culture by even being here. Go home! If you decide not to, the law requires you to speak our language, sorry!

    briang731/ bvincent
  12. No one is saying you can’t speak Spanish in your house, your car, at work, in the street, in stores, etc. We just don’t need bilingual signs in government buildings or in voting booths. And I would expect if I went to trial, I’d want EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the jury to know and understand English.

  13. Mexican identity have to remain in Mexico or just in special events here in US, like dancing or cultural exchange. This is USA, with his own culture and language and we have to follow US rules if we like to live here. No choice, if we like mexican identity, we can find it in Mexico.

  14. Oh get over it. How flimsy is the Mexican identity if creating an "official language" is going to destroy it. You are really reaching on this one.

  15. If you want to be a Mexican go to Mexico.If you want to be an American learn the language.No other country in the world gives invaders so much dignity as the U.S..

  16. There is no "hidden agenda". It’s because statistics back it up.

    English speakers worldwide
    First language: about 380 million
    Second language: 150 million-1 billion

    There will still be taco stands and all-night Mexican discos, no need to worry, they will still have their culture.

    BTW- ethnocide and cultural genocide exists in third world countries today that are largely ignored by most middle-to-upper class Mexican-Americans because they simply don’t care. They don’t even care to help out their fellow illegals by sharing a home and food or helping Mexico to prosper by using natural resources to help the economy.

    Jessica: loved your response


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