When British people with British accents speak Spanish, can Spanish/Mexican people hear a British accent?

So we hear a lot of British accents…but if they were speaking Spanish would Spanish people hear that unique accent? D:


  1. YES! The British have a very strong accent in Spanish. It is much like their native accent, and they have a very hard time with the Spanish R. Americans have an accent too, but it’s not nearly as strong. They have a much easier time with Spanish pronunciation.

  2. Yes, I notice the difference between American, British, Scottish, Australian, South African, etc. I wonder If you English natives notice my Mexican accent, I think I have a weird British/Mexican accent when I speak English.

  3. About as much as an American can hear the difference between a Spaniard and a Mexican in English.

    That is to say, one must be educated in languages to get it.

    People who worked in the market always asked me if I was English or American…but then, they weren’t tremendously educated in languages…they were farmers…if they had education, it was probably in agriculture.

  4. My English teachers were from Manchet’r and when they spoke Spanish they had British accent especially pronouncing a strong T sound. Also they way they speak and the pitch distinguishes them from Americans.


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