When Mexican President Calderon speaks on U.S. illegal immigration whose interest is he protecting?

For example, is he speaking about what is best for the United States of America or what is best for american citizens?


  1. He is only speaking about Mexico’s best interest.

    He knows that a lot of illegals who work in the US send chunks of money back home to Mexico, thus helping Mexico and hurting the US!
    Increasing crime rates, hurting the economy, stealing jobs, putting a financial burden on schools and hospitals, not paying all taxes does not help the US at all.

  2. Everybody’s! Calderon is doing all he can to help both his people and the United States. He knows how important the relationship is with us.

    Chad Mcmillen
  3. speaking about what’s best for Mexican citizens and the Mexican government…

    Seriously, they want to get as many mexicans out of mexico as they can. It’s called consolidating your base and expanding your culture. It allows them to remain in power without making any reforms to Mexico’s economic system. Which means the 19 families that own mexico will continue owning it instead of divying some of that money out and creating industry…

  4. He is only protecting his third world country’s interests. All he does is send out his poor and uneducated citizens to the United States and they send back remittances. If that’s in jeopardy then that means Mexicans actually have to work and get rid of corruption. Imagine that.
    He’s an incompetent imbecile.

    Daria { Ad Astra Per Aspera }
  5. If he’s the head of state of Mexico, OF COURSE he is looking out for the interests of the citizens of Mexico – that’s his job! Any nation’s government is supposed to look out for its citizens, and Mexico has a lot of its nationals living and working in the US. These people not only generate economic activity in el Norte, but they send home a lot of money to support their families back in Mexico. But the United States would benefit to hear what he has to say because the US and Mexico have interests in that issue – socially and economically.


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