Where can I find information about American's views of Mexican's in their society?

I need a few websites of information to help me write about how Americans view Mexicans in the American society…and their feelings towards Mexicans.


  1. well actually this is a good place to get the answer to your question and i will give you my honest opion i live in texas where the hispanic are the majority basically alot of them really want to become well like american teens and kinda abandon their culture im saying this cos at my school it is 70 % hispanic and most of them are emo and they say they dont really listen to hispanic music they are always comparing skin tones like who is whiter and wear blue or green contacts and its kinda sad because i know what its like not being accepted into american culture and there are alot of ppl out there raciest toward them but i find them to be good people and we can bond on a common ground by not being discriminated aganst for being latino or black

    Ishi! =]
  2. I respect anyone/s who want to work to make themselves and their families better and who show initiative. I personally find the traditional Mexican culture fascinating and the food to be exquisite.
    I believe the illegal Mexican aliens are enabled by an element of misguided religious people.
    By creating a dynamic of illegal aliens, "an underground", if you will, they are also creating a dynamic that hides the illegal alien CRIMINAL element. I believe the illegal alien CRIMINALS prey on and victimize the NON-criminal illegal aliens, the legal aliens who went to the time and expense to follow the law, and the American citizens in general.
    I believe it is wrong for illegals to cause my school taxes and my city taxes to go up in order to provide free meals and free medical/dental care for illegal aliens. I believe the monetary burden of providing government services to illegal aliens should be assigned to the religions enabling the illegal activity to begin with, and or those religions being taxed just like every other business and social club, and be made to pay school and property taxes just like every other business and residential property and automobile owner.

    S. R.

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