Which Mexican soccer player comes to mind. When you hear someone talk about Mexico.?


  1. 1. "San" Oswaldo Sanchez
    2. Nery Castillo
    3. Rafa Marquez
    4. Adolfo "Bofo" Bautista
    5. Ramon Morales
    6. Andres Guardado
    7. Omar Bravo
    8. Jared Borgetti
    9. Antonio Naelson "Zinha"
    10. Giovanni Dos Santos
    11. Carlos Salcido

  2. WOW the guy above me thinks of Nery Castillo when he hears talk about Mexico. The guy has been Mexican for about a year.

    Of course if you think about history the to three that come to mind would be Hugo, Matador, and Blanco. They are some of the most polarizing figures in Mexican Footie.

    Every one knows those 3 names.


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